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13 Spooktacular Ideas to Create Killer Promotional Literature

by Gemma

13 Spooktacular Ideas to Create Killer Promotional Literature


Whether you love it or hate it Halloween is very much here to stay, so our advice is to get involved and use the fun (or fear) of Halloween to promote your company. 

Here are 13 wonderfully weird ways you can use print to generate interest and excitement around your business this October.

Cut to Shape Printed Halloween flyer Touch to Smell Halloween Postcard Halloween Floor Graphics

1)  Wicked Window Stickers

You can easily add the fear factor to your premises by putting up your own Halloween themed window stickers.  They could be used to promote products or promotions or simply to draw attention to your brand.  We can print window stickers digitally, so you can order as many or as few as you need.


2)  Freaky Fluorescent Inks

Adding a fluorescent ink to flyers, posters, brochures or mailers is an easy way to make sure your literature gets the attention it deserves, and the neon colours work really well within a Halloween themed design.  Just be mindful that these speciality inks are better suited to larger print runs.


3)  Spooky Stickers

Why not create your own branded Halloween stickers to hand out to customers?  It’s an effective & economical way to get involved in the fun.  You can even have your stickers cut into spooky shapes!


4)  Mysterious Masks

Get into the dressing-up spirit by creating your own Halloween masks.  You can have simple paper masks or you could be really quirky and create a transparent business card that also doubles up as a mask (see ideas board below for more details).


5)  Dark Direct Mailer

Direct mail is an increasingly popular way of communicating with customers, putting a Halloween twist on your mailer will keep it topical and make it more memorable.


6 )  Ghoulish Glow-in-the-Dark Print

Adding glow-in-the-dark content (particularly ghosts or skeletons) to your flyers, stickers or mailers will create an impressive effect and will make sure your literature is retained for longer.  Similarly to the fluorescent ink this print finish is better suited to larger print runs.


7)  Light/Fright up POS

Have you thought about incorporating flashing LED lights within your Halloween POS?  Available in a wide range of colours these light can be included in hanging signs, posters and window displays to draw attention to your POS.


8)  Chilling Cut-to-Shape Flyers

Simple flyers can be given a spectacularly spooky face lift simply by having them cut into a particular shape (pumpkin, ghost, cauldron, witches hat, moon).  We are able to cut out flyers without the need for a die cutting form so there are no minimum order quantities for you.


9)  Life(less) Size Cut Outs

You could have your own life size cut out of a monster, witch or zombie.  You can even have a hole cut out of the face to turn your cut out into a perfect photo prop.


10)  Terrifying Touch to Smell (scratch & sniff)

Did you know that you can add the appeal aroma to your print to generate customer engagements?  We even offer a ‘Ghost’ smell that you can use!  Touch to smell (scratch & Sniff) inks are better suited to larger print runs.


11)  Scary Scratch Cards

Get your own Halloween themed scratch cards to use as a customer (or employee) incentive.  To really get into the Halloween spirit you can have the scratch off areas set into a special shape (ghost, tomb stone, bat, pumpkin, haunted house).


12)  Frightful Floor Graphics

Temporary floor graphics are prefect for adding an impressive Halloween graphic right under your customer's feet. Use your floor graphic to direct customers into your premises, advertise a promotional offer or you can create your own Halloween game where the people are the players!


13)  Revolting Reflective Graphics

Reflective vinyl is a great base material for creating some seriously stunning Halloween graphics. These stickers can be applied to products, promotional items, your premises (windows) or your vehicles, the Halloween possibilities here are limitless.


Finally, don’t forget to photograph all your promotional literature to share on social media!  It’s a good idea to include your social media details with your literature with a clear call to action (tweet a pic to be included in a prize draw) to get people talking about your business.

We’ve put together a Pinterest ideas board to help you get inspired!

Pinterest Halloween Board


If you want to know more about any of our spooky suggestions or if you want more incredible ideas please get in touch.

Happy Halloween!