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Print Trends for Christmas 2018

by Gemma

Print Trends for Christmas 2018

In 2018 Scratch Off Print (Rub Remove Silver) is featuring high on most marketeers Christmas wish list, and you don’t have to scratch deep beneath the surface to find out why this innovative print finish is proving so popular.


Scratch Off Print is enticing, engaging and quite simple irrisitible.  It’s a proven way to increase response rates for various types of printed literature.  When combined with a competition or a give-away this print finish is a great way to turn a simple piece of print into an appealing gift.


So how is this effect created? The scratch layer is printed on top of the full colour print (which has been gloss laminated).  It is applied by a screen printing press and using a specialist silver latex (rub remove) ink.  The silver latex scratch layer can also be over printed with a single colour, this just involves a second pass through the screen printing press.


Here at Ashfield Printing, enquiry’s for printed literature featuring a scratch layer are at an all-time high. We are also seeing customers getting really creative with this print finish to create some stunning finished projects.  Festive shapes such as baubles and Christmas trees are being used for the scratch panels, and decorative overprints are being added on top of the scratch area to create decadent designs.


Popular products for Christmas 2018 include:

  ► Christmas Scratch Cards (giving away Christmas gifts)

  ► Greeting Cards (with a scratch off panel on the front of the card)

  ► Scratch Off Advent Calendars

  ► Seasonal Scratch Off Direct Mailers


If you are looking for some festive inspiration for your Christmas Marketing Campaign, maybe you should be looking at adding a scratch off layer to your print!


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PS - Don’t tell everyone, but this striking print finish actually costs a lot less than you would think!