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Foil Printing (Digital Foil Laminating)

A Decadent Print Finish

various foil printing

Glitter Holographic Foil

About Foil Printing

Digital foil printing (foil laminating) uses heat to apply a metallic foil to selected areas of the print.  Foil laminating can be used for both small and large quantities, as it is a digital process you can even add foil to variable information (names). Shapes, patterns and text can all be foiled.  This process creates very impressive and prestigious end results.

gold foil blocked cards

Copper Foil

Foil Selection

We offer a wide selection of different types of foils, choose from:

   •  Glossy or matt foils
   •  Metallic & holographic
   •  Wide choice of colours

This foil finish works well with a soft touch laminate because it offers a high contrast between the foil and the rest of the print, as well as giving it a premium, tactile feel.

Image of a silver foil on print

Silver Foil

When To Use

Include a foil finish on your print if you want to achieve an upmarket, prestigious look or if it's vital that your print to make a big impact.  The following items can be foiled:

   • Business Cards
   • Brochure Covers
   • Invitations
   • Folders
   • Gift Vouchers 
   • Wallets / Envelopes

Foil Samples

We will post you out a selection of different foil samples, so that you can see how this print finish works.

How Foil Laminating Works