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Polycarbonate (Lexan) Labels

Example of a screen printed polycarbonate label
Polycarbonate labels offer you an extremely durable label solution.

Industrial Grade

Can include a clear window for displays or indicator lights

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Polycarbonate, also known as Lexan, is a durable transparent film avialable with either a gloss (highly polished) or velvet matt finish which is perfect for a wide range of applications.  Polycarbonate labels (Lexan Labels) are a popular choice amongst engineers because they are hardy, high end labels designed for industrial use.

   •  Hard wearing material which is resistant to abrasions
   •  Can be reverse printed (so that the print if fully protected)
   •  Water resistant
   •  Heat resistant up to temperatures of 147°C
   •  Ideal for applications requiring transparency
   •  Can be cut to virtually any shape (eg a keypad membrane)

Ideal for labels which require a clear window or a viewing pain for a LED desiplay

Polycarbonate Specification

   •  Choose from a Matt or Gloss finish
   •  Available in thicknesses of 250 or 500 microns
   •  Suitable for both digital & screen printing

Label Adhesives

Polycarbonate labels are available with a range of different adhesives including industry standard adhesives such as 3M 467 tape or 3M 468 tape.  In order for us to select the best adhesive for your label you simply need to tell us where it will be applied and the environment in which it will be used.

Polycarbonate Labels are commonly used for:

- Control Panel Overlays
- Nameplates
- Medical Equipment Labels

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Why Should You Order Polycarbonate Labels From Us?

Beacuse not only do we understand all the technical details involved in labelling we also fully understand how important these labels can be to you and your production line.  

That's why in addition to the supply of top quality labels we can offer you our exclusive Failsafe Continuity of Supply Guarantee.  

This basically means that even in times of unforeseen circumstances (such as machine breakdown) we will still make sure you receive your polycarbonate label order on time!  We can make this bold promise to you because of the number of different printing processes we have onsite and the guaranteed access we have to alternative printing from our associated companies.  Contact us to find out more about this service.

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