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Transparent Labels

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Transparent labels are perfect if you want to create a 'no label' look

High Quality Finish

Ideal for product packaging

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Transparent labels look both professional and discreet​.  These clear labels can be produced on various materials (vinyl, polypropylene, polyester, pollycarbonate) dependent on your usage.  Talk to us and we'll recommend the best material for you!

Commonly used on everyday items to list instructions or ingredients.

•   Single or full colour print
•   Choose your own label shape and size
•   Available with various adhesives depending on the duration they labels needs to stay inplace and the type of surface they will be applied to:
     - removable
     - permanent
     - extra permanent

Choose from Surface or Sub-Surface Print

Sub-surface printing involves reverse printing onto the clear label material and then adding the adhesive behind the print, meaning that the print itself is not exposed to the environment.  Sub-surface printing produces extreemly durable labels as the print sits fully prtected behing the transparent material.


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Use this checklist to identify your transparent label requirements.

1) Where will the label be used?

2) Does it need to fit into a specific space?

3) What type of surface is it fixed to?

4) What is it’s expected lifecycle?

5) What is the environment like?

Then call or email us with this information and we'll tell you the most suitable label specification for your requirements.   

01332 662026

Before quoting for any transparent labels we generally ask our customers to tell us the context in which the label will be used so that we can make sure we select the best materials, relevant finishes and the most suitable adhesives for that individual job.

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