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Weatherproof Labels

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Waterproof & weatherproof these labels are designed for long term outdoor use.

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About Our Weatherproof Labels

Ideal for exposure to the elements outdoor stickers are hardwearing, long lasting and of course waterproof.  Strong adhesives ensure these outdoor labels stay put.    Generally applied to outdoor equipment or machinery, to add branding or provide instructions.  For best results apply these labels to a clean, flat and smooth surface.

•   Repel oil and dirt
•   Wipe clean
•   Resistant to both high and low temperatures
•   Highly durable 
•   Scuff resistant
•   Tear resistant


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Before quoting for any weatherproof labels we generally ask our customers to tell us the context in which the label will be used so that we can make sure we select the best materials, relevant finishes and the most suitable adhesives for that individual job.

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