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Fluorescent Labels

fluorescent ink for labels
These eye catching labels are great for product promotions

7 Fluorescent Colours

Any Shape, Size or Quanitity

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Often used to advertise special offers the day-glow, attention grabbing labels are great at getting a message across.  Fluorescent labels work well with a simplistic or text only design.

•   Choose from 7 fluorescent colours
•   Fluorescent labels can be produced with either: 
     - Fluorescent inks
     - Fluorescent vinyl
•   Choose from various materials
•   Available with different adhesives
•   These labels can be cut into any shape

Label Colours

There are a range of different fluorescent colours available.  See below for a list of fluorescent pantone inks.

(The fluorescence of the inks does not translate well to screen but the images below give an indication of the colour available)

P801  Fluorescent Labels p801    P802 Fluorescent Labels p802     

P803  Fluorescent Labels p803    P804 Fluorescent Labels p804

P805  Fluorescent Labels p805   P806 Fluorescent Labels p806   

P807  Fluorescent Labels p807


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Before quoting for any fluorescent labels we always ask our customers to tell us the context in which the label will be used so that we can make sure we select the best materials, relevant finishes and the most suitable adhesives for that individual job.

Label Usage Checklist

To select a fluorescent label that meets your exact need first you needs to answer these simple questions.

1) Where will the label be used?

2) Does it need to fit into a specific space?

3) What type of surface is it fixed to?

4) What is it’s expected lifecycle?

5) What is the environment like?

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