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a gloss laminate sample


Full Range

We offer a wide selection of different laminates which can be added to print to add additional protection, to improve the visual appeal or to provide a tactile finish. 


A clear film applied to the print to give scratch-proof, resilient protection. Creating a colourful, vibrant, shiny finish.


A smooth highly textured protective film which doesn't glare or reflect light (often combined with a Spot UV Varnish)


Similar to a matt laminate this laminate has a low glare finish without loss of contrast. 

Soft Touch                         

A tactile laminate that gives the print a velvety smooth feel.

Silver / Metallic                  

A selection of specialist laminates that can create various high impact effects including, gloss silver, metallic/holographic and brushed metal.

Dry Wipe                            

A clear film which is added to the print to provide a dry wipe finish.

Anti Graffiti                       

A thicker film which is resistant to most common cleaning solvents that is added to the print to help to protect against graffiti damage.

Anti Microbial                      

A thin clear film which contains agents designed to protection the print from infections such as: E.Coli, MRSA & Providencia Stuartii

Mark Resist                       

A durable, hard wearing laminate that is added to the print to provide a mark resistant finish.