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Paper Types

We offer a wide selection of different paper, these different papers are also available in wide choice of colours. 


Paper with a coating to give it a shiny finish adding extra vibrancy. Glossy papers make colours appear more vibrant and generally offer the best resolution, but they suffer from glare which can be a problem under certain lighting conditions.


Paper with a matt coating to give it a smooth finish. Excellent for usage where light reflections can be an issue because it doesn’t create any glare. Matt papers will generally have slightly duller colours and less contrast compared to gloss papers and are often not quite as durable.

Uncoated (Plain)

Paper which doesn’t have a coating and is therefore not as smooth as coated paper. Premium quality uncoated papers are used for business stationery and are becoming increasingly popular for use in prestigious brochures and catalogues. Ideal if you need to handwrite personal information onto your print.

Textured (uncoated)

Textured papers are a tactile way to create interest. Variations in paper can include homemade papers, rice paper and papyrus.

Iridescent, Pearlescent & Metallic

These upmarket papers provide the finished print with a luxurious sheen, and there so many different effects to choose from.


Waterproof, tear proof material which is designed for outdoor use. Ideal for posters.

Self Adhesive 

Paper with an adhesive backing, simply peel the back off and affix where required.

Paper Weights (gsm)

GSM (Grams per Square Metre) is a measurement of paper thickness and density.


80 - 100gsm            Letterhead & Notepads

120 - 170gsm          Posters (A0 to A3), Flyers, Folded Leaflets, Brochure Inner Pages

200 - 250gsm          Flyers, Folded Leaflets, Brochure Cover

300 - 350gsm          Business Cards, Post Cards, Scratch Cards, Brochure Covers, Presentation Boxes

400gsm                    Business Cards, Folders, Presentation Boxes


Newspaper:    approx 35-50gsm
Regular printer paper:    approx 80-100gsm
Photo prints:    approx 250gsm
Cereal box:    approx 350gsm


Paper Sizes

Open Size Guide

   A1  -   594 x 840mm
   A2  -   420 x 594mm
   A3  -   297 x 420mm
   A4  -   210 x 297mm
   A5  -   148 x 210mm
   A6  -   105 x 148mm
   DL -    99 x 210mm

Bespoke sizes also available.

How to Choose Paper for Print

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