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Custom Printed Scratch Cards

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Scratch cards are a fab way of getting people engaged with your print

Business Scratch Cards

Professional Scratch Card Printing

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Custom Printed Scratch Cards

Great to hand out at your events  & perfect for you customer and employee as a reward.

These top quality printed scratch cards are perfect for winning over your customers. Simply add a scratch panels to the front of your print to give it that irresistible scratchable finish! 

•   High definition full colour print
•   Choose from a single scratch off panel or multiple panels
•   Select your own shape for the scratch off area 
    (squre, circle, star, heart)
•   The scratch off area (rub remove) can be overprinted in a single colour
•   Pick your own scratch card size
•   Available as a single or double sided card
•   Can include consecutive number

Scratch Cards with an over print

Creating Your Scratch Cards

Ordering scratch cards needn't be confusing, simply decide on the following details we can do the rest for you.

   -  What do you need to vary on the cards?
   -  How many winning tickets would you like? 
   -  What is the total number of scratch cards you require? 
   -  How you want your cards supplying? (all mixed up, in separate categories)

scratch card checklist
Or if you are creating your scratch cards yourself simply download this HANDY CHECKLIST and you'll have your scratch cards sorted with ease!


Scratch-Off Panels on Literature

Why not take advantage of this enticing finish and add a scratch-off rub remove panel to your marketing literature.  Use it to reveal a promotional code or a free prize.  

Scratch panels can be added to:
   •   Business Cards
   •   Posters
   •   Post Cards
   •   Flyers
   •   Direct Mailers

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