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Binding Options

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Choose from 5 binding methods depending on how you want your finished literature to look and perform.

We offer binding solutions for:

  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Books
  • Cataloges
  • Calendars
  • Magazines
  • POS Flip Books
  • Reports
  • Swatches

Wiro binding



Wire (Wiro) Binding

Uses a metal wire spine to hold the pages together. It enables the pages to be opened completely flat and allows for 360 degree rotation of bound pages.
Ideal for:  Calendars, Note Pads & POS Flip Books


comb binding



Comb Binding

This is very similar to wire binding (pages can be opened completely flat with a 360 degree rotation) but instead of the metal spine a thicker plastic spine is used.
Ideal for:  Reports & Presentations



sadle stick binding



Saddle Stitch Binding 

This involves staples being inserted along the spine, holding the folded pages together. This is a very popular binding method but it is dependent on the paper thickness combined with the total number of pages.
Ideal for:  Brochures & Booklets



perfect binding



Perfect Binding 

This is where the pages are bound together and then attached to the spine using a flexible adhesive. This is the binding used on paperback books.  This method is best suited to literature with a large number of pages.
Ideal for:  Catalogues, Magazines & Brochures



binding screws


Binding Screws

This method provides the literature with an prestigious upmarket finish.  One binding screw in the top left corner will create a booklet which fans out (like a swatch) whilst multiple binding screws can be use to create a booklet with pages that open out, in this case all pages must be pre-creased.  This is the only binding method which allows individual pages to be removed or changed.
Ideal for:  High End Brochures, Swaches, Samples



For more information about booklet binding or to find out the most suitable method for your particular job contact our team of print experts on 01332 662026   |