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Polyethylene Labels

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These labels are both both durable and pliable, ideal for product packaging as it offers a greater tear resistance than paper.

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Polyethylene labels adhere well to a wide range of different surfaces (both low and high energy), they are also well suited for application to curved surfaces.

•   Choose from high quality white or clear polyethylene with either a matte or gloss finish
•   Any label size or shape
•   Pliable material can be used on squeezable bottles & tubes
•   Tear proof, water resistant & chemical resistant
•   Environmentally friendly (easily recyclable when applied to a polyethylene container)
•   Available with various adhesives (depending on the application)

These labels are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, and global distribution industries. 


Handy Label Buyers Guide

Our Label lOOk Up Guide was created by our resident label expert and is designed to provide an overview of the different materials, adhesives and laminates commonly used in label printing, as well as showing a wide range of samples.



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