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Interactive Folded Flyer

origami style flyer
Print that engages & inspires! These endless folding flyers are a great marketing tool.

4 Sided Folding Flyer

Interactive & Unforgettable

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About Our Folding Flyer

This folding flyer is pure origami genius. It is an unforgettable, interactive, four-sided, dimensional piece of marketing literature.  They are often referred to as endless folding flyers because of their quirky design.

Perfectly suited for both business and consumer use. Common usages include product promotions, business cards, company presentations and event invitations.

   •  Innovative 4 sided, folding flyer (that can be endlessly folded)
   •  Full colour professional print
   •  Available in 3 different shapes
      - square
      - rectangle
      - circle
   •  Minimum order quantity 500


Square: 90 x 90mm or 156 x156mm
Rectangle: 160 x 100mm, DL - 210 x 100mm or A5 210 x 148mm
Circle: 156mm diameter

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