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Label Finishes

Full Choice of Finishes

Label Laminates

Various laminates can be added to the labels to enhance the labels functionality and improve it's appearance.

Cut to Shape

Labels can be cut into unique shapes to provide an enhanced fit or to make the label stand out more.

3D Dome

Labels can be finished with a 3D resin done to create an eyecatching badge like label.

We offer a wide range of top quality label finishes; these print finishes can be used to give the label additional properties or to provide an enhanced appearance. 


Different label finishes may be better suited to different materials or applications.  We recommend that you discuss these finishes with our sales team prior to placing your order.


Gloss Laminate

A clear film is applied to the print to protect it from chemicals or abrasion. Giving the label a vibrant and shiny finish.

Lustre Laminate

This film has a low glare finish for labels displayed under direct-light; it provides low surface sheen without loss of contrast.

Mark Resist Laminate

This laminate gives the label a mark resistant, matte, clear finish.

Dry Wipe Laminate

A clear high gloss film which is added to the label to provide a dry wipe finish.

Part Lamination

Part lamination offers the chance to add information, such as signatures, dates, times or reference numbers to the label before the remaining laminate covering is fully applied.


Cut to Shape

Most labels can be cut to shape no matter what other special requirements are required.  Common shapes include circles, ovals and rectangles with radius corners, but the shape can be as complex as you desire.


3D Doming

The doming process creates a high class, eye-catching, 3D label, bringing the label to life through touch and aesthetics, whilst providing protection from the elements.