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Screen Printing

A very adaptable printing process


We have over 60 years experience as a Screen Printer

Our most popular screen printed products include:


What is Screen Printing?

The technique of screen printing is based on that of stencilling.

A fine mesh is used as the stencil, a fill blade (squeegee) is used to force through unblocked areas of the mesh and onto the printing surface. Screen printing only prints one colour at a time, so several screens are required to produce a multicoloured design this also increases the time taken to produce the final print.  

The average lead time for a screen printed job is 10 working days (if you need a faster turnaround please discuss this with us).  We are a well established screen printer with over 60 years industry experience, if you would like to find out more about this printing process please get in touch.

Why Choose Screen Printing?

   •  It's capable of printing on thick materials
   •  It has a high quality finish with vivid colours
   •  The inks are very durable (ideal for print used in harsh environments)
   •  You can incluse specialist inks including:
      -  metallic, clear varnish, glow in the dark
   •  It's best suited to medium & high volumes
   •  You can print on a wide range of materials
silk screen for screen printing



Within our  facility we have 2 different screen printing presses:
   - Svecia Printmaster with UV/combi dryer which can print up to 889 x 1245mm
   - FAS Minimec with jet air dryer

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With years of expertise and a highly skilled workforce we are proud to be one of 

Derby's Leading Screen Printers


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