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Custom Window Frosting

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Premium grade window frosting graphics for use in your shop or business

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Bespoke window frosting decals for application to glass, acrylic and mirrors these decals provide an attractive way for you to creates privacy whilst still letting in light.   Window frosting film offers you a low cost alternative to the traditional acid etching or sand blasting to create frosted glass, whilst still providing an impressive end result.

   •  Ideal for use in shop & offices
   •  Available as either a permanent or removable graphic
​   •  Choose from standard, tinted or metallic frosting
   •  Great for use on doors or windows
   •  Window frosting decals commonly feature decorative patterns, text or logos
   •  Frosting film is relatively easy to fit with only a small amount of preparation needed
   •  Once applied it is fully weatherproof and is removable when required

Applied to a clear acrylic this effect can be used to create stylish and sophisticated signage.


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