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Bleed & Trapping



Q.  What is a trap?

A.  When colours overlap or adjoin, the more opaque colour must overlap the less opaque colour to allow for movement on printing press equipment. Hence, the more opaque colour traps the less opaque colour. For standard offset printing on paper, required trap is about .011mm. For screen printing on vinyl, required trap is a minimum of 3mm.

Q.  Do I have to set traps in my electronic file?

A.  No, you don’t have to set traps, we will check your files and adjust to meet our requirements.

Q.  What is a bleed?

A.  A bleed is when artwork or printing falls off the edge of the finished product. A bleed requires printing on oversize material and then trimming, welding or wrapping afterwards.

Q.  How much bleed do I need?

A.  8mm for vinyl binders, 15mm for case-made turned edge products, and 3mm for paper prints. Refer to product templates for specifications.


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