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Get labels that are cut into specific shapes to make them stand out or provide an advanced fit

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Get Your Own Cut to Shape Labels

Most labels can be cut to shape no matter what other special requirements are required.  So whether your labels need to be waterproof, heat resistant, domed or long lasting they can still be cut to a specific shape. 

•   Most types of labels can be cut to shape
•   Cut to shape sticker / labels often look more interesting and attract more attention
•   Available on various label materials with a choice of adhesives
•   We can Die Cut & Cad Cut labels so that you can order any quantitiy of labels


Common shapes include circles, ovals and rectangles with radius corners, but the shape can be as complex as you desire.  We have a brand label shaped as a speech bubble and we have produced children’s stickers shaped as cartoon characters, so the possibilities really are endless. 

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Before quoting for any cut to shape labels we generally ask our customers to tell us the context in which the label will be used so that we can make sure we select the best materials, relevant finishes and the most suitable adhesives for that individual job.

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