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Scented Print

With Fragrance Burst Inks

Post card printed with scented ink

Scented Inks

Scented Inks

We can over print with fragrance burst inks to add scent to the print.  Rubbing or scratching this fragranced ink will burst the microscopic fragrance capsules within the ink to release the scent.  A small amount of scented ink will create a powerful aroma, for optimal results we recommend applying the ink to an area of approximately 30mm x 30mm.

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Scented ink bursting with fragrance

Advantages of scented ink


Smell is thought to be the sense that has the strongest associations with memory. Adding an aroma to your print instantly makes it more memorable and appealing. It's also a great way to get recipients to interact with your literature.  So if you are looking for an easy way to increase ROI of your marketing campaign why not simply add a scent to your literature!

Lavender Field - Aroma of lavender



Scented inks can be used on lots of different printed products.  The key is to choose jobs involving fairly large quantities, as there is a certain amount of machine set up time involved in this process.

   •  Brochure Covers
   •  Business Cards
   •  Direct Mailers
   •  Flyers / Post Cards
   •  Invitations


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