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Spot UV Varnish

A Striking Print Finish

image of spot uv flowers on an invitation

About Spot UV

Spot UV is a striking print finish used to create interest & intrigue! This effect is created using a
thick, high gloss varnish which is applied to certain areas (or spots) of the print. Such an impressive
print finish needs to be seen to be fully appreciated, request a FREE SAMPLE.
UV Varnish is best applied to print with a matt laminate which prevents the varnish from soaking into the paper creating the best contrast. A matt laminate will also give the rest of the print a smooth, anti glare, protected finish.

Spot UV on a business card

Why Use Spot UV

Applying Spot UV Varnish is a great way to give your printed literature that edge!

   • Adds to the overall visual appeal of print
   • Gives the print a prestigious, upmarket feel
   • Provides a tactile finish
   • Creates contrast within the print
   • Generates interest & intrigue
   • Makes it more memorable

Spot uv on a presentation folder

When To Use Spot UV

Spot UV varnish can be added to most types of print, this finish is best suited to medium to large print runs simply because of the set up time involved in the process.

Products that work well with Spot UV include:
   • Business Cards
   • Brochures (Spot UV applied to cover)
   • Invitations
   • Presentation Folders
   • Postcards & Flyers
   • Product Packaging

How To Apply Spot UV Varnish


1. Solid Block of Spot UV

Spot UV blocks can be added over images or specific parts of the design

spot uv as a solid

2. Spot UV as a Pattern

Spot UV works well when it is applied as a pattern over a plain background

Spot UV as a pattern

3. Text in Spot UV

Having text in Spot UV is a great way to make a key message stand out

spot uv as text

4. Spot UV as Part of the Design

Spot UV can work well to pick out selected areas within the design

spot uv as part of the design




Spot UV is an effective and affordable print finish; contact us to get a quote based on your specific requirements.
Add spot UV to your print from as little as:
1,000 Business Cards -  Spot UV Cost £63
500 A5 Folders -  Spot UV Cost £136

These prices are for the spot UV process, please contact us for a full print quote.



Spot UV Varnish


See For Yourself

We will post you out printed samples containing a Spot UV finish so that you can see how it works.

post box - get your free spot uv sample

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