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Cafe & Pavement Wind Breaks

cafe wind breaks
The Complete System for your Cafes & Restaurants to Define it's Sales Area

Mix & Match to Fit

Completely Interchangable

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Printed Cafe & Pavement Wind Breaks

Our Café Windbreaks allow restaurants, bars and cafés to extend and define their sales area. Made from corrosion free aluminium frames and durable printed PVC graphics, Café Windbreaks will create interest from passersby time after time.

The system simply comprises of:

- Posts (with a sturdy 20kg base)
- Crossbars (choice of 3 widths)

All are completely interchangeable so you can mix and match to fit the venue perfectly. The graphics are attached with spring clip at the bottom.

Crossbar Width     Graphics Size (HxW)
1440mm                   675 x 850mm
1940mm                   675 x 1350mm
2440mm                   675 x 1850mm

Post Height             Base Diameter
960mm                      360mm


Not sure if they would work on your site?

We can provide full layout drawings and visuals so that you can see how they would work before making a decision.


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