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Label Adhesives

for all applications

We'll match the label adhesive to your label application

1) Removable Adhesive

We have various removable adhesives with different properties, talk to us to find out which is the most suitable for you.

2) Permanent Adhesive

Permanent adhesives start out soft and sticky and harden over time to provide a permanent fix.

3) Ultra Permanent Adhesive

The highest adhesive strength designed for use in harsh environments. We always have industry standad adhisives such as 3M 467 tape or 3M 468 tape in stock.

4) Ultra Destruct

Designed not to be removed once applied. These labels cannot be removed in one piece as they are designed to break-up when tampered with. 


Finding the Best Adhesive

With us you can choose from a wide range of different adhesives with different properties.  But you dont actually need to know what adhesive you want because our team of print experts always recommend adhesives based on individual job requirements.  In order to select the most suitable label adhesive you just need to tell us the following:

   •  What the estimated life time of your label?

   •  Do you need to repositioned or remove your label?

   •  What surface your label will be fixed to?

   •  What the environmental conditions are like? (temperature, humidity, outdoors)



Get Adhesive Samples

Request our Label Look Up Guide

to get samples of the various adhesives

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