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Printed Acrylic Signs

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These signs are ideal for use in your reception areas

Stylish & Professional

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Stylish and professional these printed acrylic signs make a strong visual impact, they are ideal for use  in reception areas, shopping centres, museums, galleries and schools.  These signs can also be fitted to the front of your counters or reception desks.

   •  Clear acrylic is the most popular choice but coloured acrylic is also available
          - Clear acrylic is reverse printed so that the print sits behind the acrylic
          - Coloured acrylic is surface printed so that the print sits on top of the acrylic 
   •  Choose from sign thicknesses of either 3mm, 5mm or 6mm
   •  Available in any shape
(ovals & rectangles are very popular)
   •  Select your own size
   •  Wall fixings can be included

       -  Satin, anodised spacers available in various sizes
          - 20, 30 or 50mm diameter
          - 20, 25mm projection


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Signage spacer used to fix acrylic signage to the wall             dimensions for the signage fixings


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