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With so many different papers, print effects & finishes to choose from its easy to create a stunning brochure that would impress even your toughest critics.

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About Our Printed Booklets & Brochures

Our top quality brochures are a great way to showcase your business at both a corporate and product level, they are so effective because they provide customers with a tangible resource to retain and re-use.

•   Top quality print
•   Full choice of binding methods
•   Wide selection of paper stock
•   Choose any number of pages (binding methods may require pages in multiples of 4)
•   Various print finishes on offer to add to the overall visual appeal
•   Personalisation available

Booklet Binding Methods

We offer a full choice of binding methods depending on how you want your finished booklet to look and perform.

wiro binding for brochures

Wire (Wiro) Binding uses a metal wire spine to hold the pages together. It enables the pages to be opened completely flat and allows for 360 degree rotation of bound pages.


comb binding for documents and bookletsComb Binding is very similar to wire binding (pages can be opened completely flat with a 360 degree rotation) but instead of the metal spine a thicker plastic spine is used.


saddle stitch booklet bindingSaddle Stitch Binding involves staples being inserted along the spine, holding the folded pages together. This is a very popular binding method but it is dependent on the paper thickness combined with the total number of pages.


perfect bounding for brochuresPerfect Binding is where the pages are bound together and then attached to the spine using a flexible adhesive. This is the binding used on paperback books.


binding screws bro high end brochuresBinding Screws provide the booklet with an prestigious upmarket finish.  One binding screw in the top left corner will create a booklet which fans out (like a swatch) whilst multiple binding screws can be use to create a booklet with pages that open out, in this case all pages must be pre-creased.  This is the only binding method which allows individual pages to be removed or changed.

For more information about booklet binding or to find out the most suitable method for your particular job contact our team of print experts on 01332 662026


Booklet Sizes

You can have your brochure in almost any shape and size you desire.  Booklets can be produced in either landscape or portrait, popular booklet sizes include:

DL (W 99 x H 210mm)  DL booklets are a handy size to fit in a back pocket, they make great product catalogues.
A6 (W105 x H 148mm) A6 booklets are an ideal size for fitting into pockets and handbags
A5 (W148 x H 210mm) A5 booklets are very popular, they are a convenient size and efficient in terms of page content
A4 (W210 x H 297mm) A4 booklets work well at a corporate or brand level, their larger size gives imagery maximum impact and they can hold a lot of information.
Bespoke sizes also available.



Create a Premium Feel

If you are looking to create a high end, prestigious brochure which projects a strong brand image you may want to consider the following:

•   Using Premium or Textured Paper
•   Printing with Metallic Inks
•   Adding a Spot UV Varnish
•   Using Metal Binding Screws
•   Adding a Soft Touch Laminate

Use your Brochure to Get Personal

Using our digital press we can print personalised information onto each of your brochures.   Whether it is a personalised image, text, QR code or PURL.


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