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Scratch & Sniff Print

Example of scratch and sniff printed postcards
Add the appeal of aroma to your literature with scratch and sniff print & watch your customer engagement grow!

Awaken the senses

with scratch & sniff printing

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Add Fragrance to Your Print

Specialist scented inks, bursting with fragrance can be added to your print to create a scratch and sniff finish.  These fabulous scented inks are transparent in colour so that they can be applied over any part of your print design, a scented area of appoximate 30mm x 30mm usually provides a good aroma. 

With great quality scented inks available adding the excitement of aroma to your print has never been so easy!

Scratch and sniff printing is a premium print finish which is best suited to large print runs (approximately 1,000+), this is becuase of the set up processes involded.


What are the Benefits?

Scratch and Sniff printing is an innovative way to generate customer engagement. Adding a scratch and sniff element to your Marketing Material makes it more remorable and is a sure way to get people talking about your business or product.

Scratch and Sniff Applications

This printing effect works well on any of the following:
   •  Business Cards
   •  Calendars
   •  Direct Mailers
   •  Flyers & Postcards
   •  Invitations
   •  Packaging
   •  Stickers


Fragrance Burst Inks

We offer a full range of scented (fragrance burst) inks from fruit through to fine fragrance, including:


• Lemon
• Orange
• Strawberry
• Mango


• Grassy Meadow
• Lavender
• Jasmine
• Oak


• Vanilla
• Apple Pie
• Chocolate
• Ginger Cake


• Latte Coffee
• Cola
• Mulled Wine
• Mojito


   •  Viking
   •  Smoke
   •  Ghost
   •  New Car

See the full fragrance list















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We generally recommend using pre-existing scented inks but bespoke scents are available.  If you already have a fragrance please talk to us about testing it's suitability to be turned into a scented ink.

Contact us for info & ideas about how SCENT MARKETING could work for your business.

Adding Aroma to Your Print

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