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Scratch & Sniff Print

Example of scratch and sniff printed postcards
This innovative printing technique adds scent to your literature to create a scratch and sniff effect.

Awaken the senses

& Increase the Impact

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Printing with Scented Inks

We print with specialist scented inks which are bursting with fragrance to create an inspiring scratch and sniff finish to your print.  These fabulous scented inks are transparent in colour so that they can be applied over any part of your print design, a scented area of appoximate 30mm x 30mm usually provides a good aroma.  With great quality scented inks available adding the excitement of aroma to your print has never been so easy!

Scratch and sniff printing is best suited to large print runs (approximately 1,000 +) , this is becuase of the set up processes involded.


What are the Benefits?

fragrance burst scented inks

Scratch and Sniff printing is an innovative way to awaken the senses and generate customer engagement. Adding a scratch and sniff element to your Marketing Material makes it more remorable and is a sure way to get people talking about your business or product.

Scratch and Sniff Usage

This printing effect works well on any of the following:
   •  Brochures (cover)
   •  Business Cards
   •  Direct Mailers
   •  Flyers & Postcards
   •  Invitations
   •  Packaging


Fragrance Burst Inks

We offer a full range of scented (fragrance burst) inks from fruit through to fine fragrance. Here is a small selection of the scents available, please contact us to discuss your scratch and sniff print requirements.

Scratch and Sniff Printed postcards


   •  Lemon
   •  Orange
   •  Strawberry
   •  Mango


   •  Grassy Meadow
   •  Lavender
   •  Jasmine
   •  Oak


   •  Vanilla
   •  Apple Pie
   •  Chocolate
   •  Ginger Cake


   •  Latte Coffee
   •  Cola
   •  Mulled Wine
   •  Mojito


   •  Viking
   •  Smoke
   •  Ghost
   •  New Car

We generally recommend using pre-existing scented inks but bespoke scents are available. Bespke scents are best suited to very large scale scratch and sniff printing jobs as they incur extensive R&D costs.

Contact us for info & ideas about how SCENT MARKETING could work for your business.

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