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Life Size Cut Outs (Standees)

Police life size cut outs
Use a freestanding life size cut out to get your audience's attention!

Fully Customised

Up to 2.4m Tall x 1.2m Wide

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Get Your Own Life Size Cut Out (Standee)

Order a standee from us and get high quality print, fast turnarounds, and expert advice as standard. 

standee (life size cut out) with variable info
•   No minimum order quantity
•   High quality full colour print
•   Get your standees can cut to any shape
•   Fitted your standee with a leaflet holders
•   Include a blank area which can incorporate variable and changeable information
•   The maximum size for a standee is 2.5 x 1.5m 
•   Include a cut out section (for people to put their faces through)

Standees don't have to be large scale, we produce smaller standees that sit on retail counters (table top standees) or much smaller standees that are designed to fit on a desk.

You can use a Life Size Cut Out to attract attenion in any of the following situatons:

●  POS within retail outlets
●  As a focal point within reception areas
●  To create interest at events & exhibitions



Life size cut outs are generally printed on either correx or foamex, because it produces a far more durable finished product, but they are also available on cardboard.


A rigid material with good chemical resistance.  Foamex is the heavier of the two materials; it has a smoother finish, but lower impact strength.


A lightweight yet tough, twin wall corrugated plastic sheet. Correx has higher impact strength and is very lightweight.

Corrugated Cardboard

A lightweight cardboard, only recommended for short term use



Adding a laminate to your life size cut out is a great way to protect the print and increase the overall product lifespan, we have a number of different laminates to choose from.


A highly textured finish which doesn't glare or reflect light.

Dry Wipe

A clear high gloss film which is added to the print to provide a dry wipe finish.


A thicker laminate which is resistant to common cleaning solvents that can be added to print to help to protect against graffiti damage.

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If you would like more information or you have a question regarding our Life Size Standees contact our sales team on 01332 662026


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