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Ashfield Printing’s Fragrance Burst (Touch to Smell) Calendar

by Gemma

Ashfield Printing’s Fragrance Burst (Touch to Smell) Calendar

Inspired by the ‘scents of the seasons’ the idea behind our 2019 calendar was to create a unique and engaging calendar that’s not only practical but also fun!


In todays digital age, print is proving it’s worth as a highly effect marketing and promotional tool, and a handy desk calendar is a great way to build brand presence and keep your businesses contact details in view.  Calendars are convenient to distribute by post and work perfectly as part of a direct mail campaign.


For our calendar this year we have selected a DL size Tent / Desk Calendar.  This calendar format is our bestselling line because of it’s handy size.   To make sure our calendars take pride of place on desks all over the UK we decided to include an extra special touch, a smell (scratch and sniff) print finish.   This print effect is created using specialist fragrance burst inks, fragrance capsules within the ink burst when the ink is rubbed or scratched which then releases the aroma.

Adding an appealing print finish, such as touch to smell, to your print is a proven way to increase customer engagement and to get people talking about your business.  It also makes your print (and business) more memorable.

If you like our 2019 calendar and want something similar for your business, here is the printing specification:

   •   Digitally printed in full colour then screen printed with 2 different fragrance burst inks
   •   Stock - 350gsm silk paper
   •   Finishing - Cut, creased & taped

We also provide wall calendars and wall planners as well as a variety of different style desk calendars.


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